Since 2018, General Impex now also has a department that deals with air gumming of furniture, stairs, kitchens, trusses, fencing, steelwork, etc.

What is air gumming? Air gumming is a widely used term used for a form of fine sand blasting. Practice shows that when blasting sands are pressed through a thin nozzle, under high pressure, a more aggressive impact occurs on the substrate (Sandblasting). Air gumming, on the other hand, use a low pressure in combination with a large nozzle and very fine abrasive such as Garnet 200/350 mesh. The blasted grains then gets a different flow, which creates a “gumming” effect without impact. Which has an abrasive effect on the processed surface and so is stripped of its stain or varnish layer. After treatment, the surface has a beautiful untreated natural look. Which you can finish afterwards as you wish, such as, for example, polishing, staining, varnishing or oiling.

Which types of wood are suitable for this treatment: Teak, Oak, Cherry, Beech and Walnut. Pine is possible, but since this is a softer wood type, you get a deeper grain after treatment.

Target price of this technique: 45 €/h and 15 €/bag of abrasive. (VAT included)

Each project is discussed in detail with you to arrive at an ideal solution. You can choose to hand over everything from masking to cleaning. Or you can also lend a hand yourself and for example take care of the masking and cleaning and thus reduce the cost.

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