FenKit is a  system/concept of aluminium doors and windows, wich is supplied in “Kit” form, developed for medium to big projects where the use of uniform dimensions is possible. And this specifically for upcoming markets, like Africa, South-America and the Middle-East.

The FenKit system offers different advantages and savings :

  • “Transport cost” : No transportation of “air”.
  • “Quality” : No damage to finished products due to transport.
  • “Production cost” : Assembly and installation locally by your own teams.
  • “Time” : You can finish units at your own rhythm without being dependant of third parties.
  • “Efficiency” : No production errors, as all milling is done prior to shipping


  • FenEco : Cadre 42mm – Glazing 4 to 6mm – With or without couvre joint de 20mm
  • FenLight : Cadre 53mm – Glazing 6 to 8mm – With or without couvre joint de 25mm
  • FenBase : Cadre 60mm – Glazing 4 to 20mm – With or without couvre joint de 30mm
  • FenCom : Thermal broken system/range
  • FenLux : System/range as per customer/architects demand
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