General Impex - your partner in aluminum

General Impex is an  manufacturer of quality aluminium profiles in France, delivering to the whole of Europe, Africa and Middle East and into various industrial and commercial applications.

On demand engineering services are offered in order to respond to an ever-increasing demand for the one stop shop. From product and mould design, extrusion, cutting, drilling, punching, milling, final assembly of the product and accessories.

According to industry standards our lead-times are very short, and we guarantee the highest quality. We continue to achieve strict-tolerance and high-precision work.

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Products that we offer

Standard Profiles

General Impex has a wide range of standard and technical profiles. You will find a nice range of products on the next page.

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Technical Profiles

General Impex has a wide ranges of technical profiles:

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Made to Mesure Profiles

Since 1994 General Impex is supporting you, with our experience in development and extrusion. General Impex combines knowhow and technical expertise, to develop together with our customers, products to suit their needs and expectations.

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Milled Profiles

General Impex is specialised in the supply of milled aluminium profiles. From small to big production batches. From simple cutting to length to intricate CNC milling.

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Thresholds & Sills

General Impex has over 20 years of experience in the production of aluminium thresholds for doors and windows. Our focus is mainly on industrial production series, without forgetting the importance of smaller production batches or made to measure orders. Our dedicated technicians in combination with our own development team are a guaranty for the best service and performance products.

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Gaskets & Brushes

Since the creation of our company in 1994 we’ve been confronted by demands concerning gaskets and seals peripheral to our aluminium systems.

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X-Bird : Fruit Protection Cages

Birds are useful in our garden but can in the case os growing fruit and vegetables can eat your crops all too easily.

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FenKit is a  system/concept of aluminium doors and windows, wich is supplied in “Kit” form, developed for medium to big projects where the use of uniform dimensions is possible. And this specifically for upcoming markets, like Africa, South-America and the Middle-East. The FenKit system offers different advantages and savings : “Transport cost” : No transportation …

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